Letters to the Editor: published Friday, July 3, 2020

Reader comments on masks and Census articles

I am responding to comments made in 2 articles in the June 19, 2020, Islander. Re: “Avalon urges public to wear masks”

My husband and I live in Mar Vista (WLA) and own a cottage in Avalon. We come over as often as we can. We love the Island. Right now we are home and healthy, but wear masks outside, even around our grandchildren. Everyone we know is doing the same. We haven’t been in Avalon in almost 4 months because staying home seems like the considerate thing to do. Please let Harbor Master Poindexter know his opinion is just an opinion. From what we’ve actually seen, most of the mainlanders absolutely do see COVID-19 as the enormous, existential issue it is.

Re: “Local census response remains low”

Filling out your census info takes less than FIVE minutes. When you finally get your census questionnaire, fill it out. In five minutes you can help ensure our lovely little town gets the representation it deserves and the federal fiscal help it needs.


Susan Scheding

Mar Vista, California

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