Letters to the Editor: published April 3, 2020

We need to stay aware Catalina

Greetings Islanders,

Well, we’ve finally just about achieved what the Cruise Ship naysayers wanted: It’s just US here, with almost no visitors! However, that places on us an enormous responsibility. Are we going to choose to keep the Island mostly isolated — and COVID-19 free — or are we going to indulge our luxuries by repeatedly going back and forth to charge our car batteries, and water the plants in our second (or third) home?

Because we have almost NO visitors now, ISLANDERS represent the primary threat. In conclusion, don’t go back and forth to check your property: it’s not worth it!

Wouldn’t you like to be part of the success if — because of extreme isolation — we succeed in keeping the Island totally (or mostly) Coronavirus-free? I want to see that happen, and I’m doing everything I can to bring it about. What about YOU?

Glen Gustafson

Avalon Harbor