Letters to the Editor

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Regarding the resignation of Carol Reynolds

Dear Editor,

I was saddened to learn that Carol Reynolds has resigned from her position as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Catalina Island Medical Center. I had the pleasure of working with Carol on The Foundation Board and have witnessed her uncompromising dedication toward the goal of providing a viable medical center for this community. 

She and her volunteers have worked tirelessly to raise funds, negotiate with the Island Company for the donation of the land, and to obtain community approval to support the construction of the new medical center. Everyone who knows Carol well is aware that her life has been dedicated to the CIMC, the Avalon community, and the future hospital. Carol’s many hours of service and dedication to the community of Avalon are very much appreciated. Unfortunately, the Board has lost a valuable and experienced leader.

Linda Baron

Belmont Shore/Avalon

I’ve seen the work ethic of Carol Reynolds

Dear editor,

I have been lucky enough to have lived in two very special small communities. I realize what it means to be part of the town. Both Lake Forest, Illinois and Carmel, California had excellent forward-thinking community hospitals. These came about with much good planning and effort, great leadership and constant awareness of all that is going on and how to plan for the future. The hospitals were a very important part of the community as is your hospital an important part of the Avalon community.

I live in a retirement community in Altadena, CA. Here I met Carol Reynolds and was proud to be able to work with her planning, setting up and running a new service to our community. When Carol told me she had resigned from the board, I was shocked and asked her why?

Carol is the most competent, honest, well-informed, kind, fair, and hard-working person. How very lucky you were to have had her helping with the Board of Trustees as you planned to move ahead with a new hospital and all that it entails. As I am sure you know, Carol’s nickname, “Queen of Ethics” and she always earned that title, no matter what difficulties presented themselves.

Carol will never compromise on what she feels are the right decisions, which are based on facts. She gave her all for twelve years to this project. It is crushing to see Carol feel that she could not complete what she worked so hard to accomplish, all for the good of the community now and in future years. However, ethics and facts need to be adhered to.

During the time Carol was back in Altadena, she spent hours and hours most every day working on hospital related business. There were many things she gave up, to do this. Carol resigned from things related to her community here, as she explained the time was needed to work on hospital related work. There was the fundraiser, the bond issue and supporting the future hospital. We often kidded her that she had a full-time job, and commented on how lucky the hospital and the island community were to have Carol supporting them. It was never about Carol. It was always what is the right way to do something for the community and the hospital.

Carol Reynolds is held in great admiration by me. I hope I can be more like her when I grow up!

Karen Egan

Altadena, Ca.

Bullet points on Carol Reynolds

Dear editor,

Carol Reynolds: Integrity – Committed – Enthusiastic – A doer – Passionate about Catalina Island Medical Center and the Avalon community.

She is not a lady to just walk away from the CIMC Board of Trustees. I hope those responsible for her departure will “fix” the problem and invite Carol back. Avalon needs her!

Sheryle Fipp