Letter to the Editor: published Jan. 1, 2021

Catalina Island Humane Society requests your help

Dear Friends,

Our sincere hope is that this letter finds you safe and well. This year has been like no other, full of challenges and adjustments for everyone. Fortunately, the C.I.H.S. has continued to be a stable force in supporting animal welfare for our community and Island.

The C.I.H.S. supports the TNR (trap, neuter and release) approach to controlling cat populations. We are a NO KILL shelter and partner with residents and Avalon’s animal control personnel. The major portion of our funding is designated for veterinary fees and our spay and neuter programs. Being able to provide a safe haven for injured animals is also one of our important functions. Trooper, a colony cat, is one such example. He suffered neurological damage and loss of sight after being attacked. He cannot return to his colony but is content in his cage and will be one of our permanent residents.

Improving and maintaining our facility is never-ending. We strive to make it a healthy, stimulating, and welcoming environment for the feline residents, volunteers and visitors. This was a bonus year. The Lions Club installed new flooring and provided the manpower to attack some other projects. Go Lions! Our wish list still includes things like garden windows to improve visibility and increase the flow of fresh air. We can dream…

Our daily log is full of stories; a cat requiring surgery to remove a cactus quill from its eye (surgery successful); an emaciated kitten found on the road (despite herculean efforts, did not survive); a live-aboard boater needing help with his dog (some solutions found); a surrendered dog (adopted by a loving family); a homeless mother cat and her litter of 8, (all trapped, “fixed”, and ALL adopted). Each day our dedicated volunteers are ready to respond to whatever comes our way.

We are excited about our new website, catalinahumane.org, which allows us to share current photos of our adoptable cats and kittens. It also provides updates about fundraising efforts and other C.I.H.S. events. Our Catalina cats really are special and this is a good way to highlight their uniqueness. Please check us out.

To all our generous donors who make it possible for us to do our job of serving our community, maintaining our facility, and looking after all the creatures who come under our care, the words “thank you” just aren’t adequate. The truth is, it couldn’t happen without your support. Please consider making us one of your priorities. HELP US HELP THEM!

Thank you from the Catalina Island Humane Society Family,

Dianne Stone