Letter to the Editor

Fri October 13, 2017 03:56pm

Restaurants bite the dust

Are you as sorry as I am to see another one of our favorite restaurants bite the dust?

First we lost the Original Pancake House on Catalina Avenue. Then we lost Sally’s Waffle Shop and Joe’s Café. And what about the raw deal that the Armstrongs’ wonderful fish restrant got? And now we are going to lose the irreplaceable Mr. Ning’s. It looks like Portofino and Big Olafs are next. How can a family of four afford to go out to dinner in Avalon? Who  can afford $18 to $25 hamburgers at the upscale restaurants?

Who wants to pay $4 a scoop for ice cream when you can get a kids scoop at Big Olafs’?

Why do the powers that be not want to give Mr. Armstrong a fair deal when he is willing to build a restaurant on the Casino dock? Who wants to build a building and then not get a fair lease for his investment?

What is the dream? Avalon 2020! I just can’t imagine. Is it going to be better for everyone? Do you think the new restaurants will be willing to donate to the Senior Meals?

We own our home on Catalina Street. We have enjoyed Catalina for 63 years. We hope our children and our children’s children will be able to afford to enjoy this wondeful Island.

I think I remember Mr. Wrigley wanted it to be for all to enjoy.

Grace M. Amari


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