July 2021 Harbor Activity Report

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First … the Avalon Harbor Department would like to thank the boating public for all the support you’ve provided to us over the past (very tough) year!

Avalon Harbor has a new Pay-By-Phone option for boaters. Just ask Harbor personnel for the toll free number and a booking ID.

The Avalon City Council approved a slight increase in mooring and other harbor fees effective July 1.

The Harbor was full on the Fourth of July with 373 boats arriving between the July 1 and July 4.

Everyone was looking forward to the fireworks which were, unfortunately, canceled at the last minute due to issues beyond the control of the city of Avalon.

The Fourth of July parade and the Catalina Island Yacht Club dinghy parade both went on smoothly and without incident.

We had the pleasure of a visit by 18 boats from the California Yacht Club from July 19

to July 22.

The 72nd Long Beach to Catalina Island Ski Race was held on July 24th this year. The first skier turned around just off of Casino Point at 9:28 a.m.

The May gray and June gloom continued into July, but did not hinder boaters from traveling to Avalon. We experienced an annoying wind pattern for most of the month.

It would start up mid-morning and dissipate by mid-afternoon. It made it difficult for boaters to get on and off their moorings, so our very capable patrolmen spent a lot of time assisting our guests and adjusting lines, only to have the wind shift again. The Harbor Patrol thanks everyone for their patience.

It was great to have the harbor and town bustling again.

Harbor Patrol responded to 13 medical calls/assists, 171 public assistance requests (I believe this number was much higher, but we were so busy that many weren’t logged), 62 enforcement related incidents, and performed 115 security patrols (along the waterfront front the Casino to the Mole).

July 2021 stats are as follows:

People aboard boats—10,608

Vessels Moored—2652

Vessels Anchored—133

Moorings Sold / Transferred—0 / 1

Citations Issued / Discharges—2 / 1

Total Cruise Ship Passengers—0

Average Temp, High—70

Average Temp, Low—63

Average Sea Temp—70


Rain Days—1

Weather Warnings—0

The vessels moored in Avalon this July is the highest number since 2006.

July 2021 Harbor Activity Report