Curtin Maritime sends Christmas Cheer to Avalon

Courtesy Photo Pictured is the Staff at Curtin Maritime.

Curtin Maritime, an American owned-and operated marine solution company out of Long Beach, sent some early extra Christmas Cheer to the local non-profits this year. Curtin Maritime was the barge company who assisted in firing off our biggest fourth of July firework show. With the owner Martin Curtin, who’s family are long time residence of the Island and has 7 members of his staff being born and raise Islanders, decided to give back this year. Curtin took the money that was paid for services rendered on the 4th of July and gave that $30,000 back. Those who were blessed upon were:

• Avalon High school Sports (every boys and girls sports team): Total $12,250

• Special Education Program at AHS: $2,000

• City of Avalon:

—Outrigger: $1,000

—New programming for Overtown talents: $2,000

• Catalina Kid Ventures: $5,250

—PLAY Preschool: $4,500

—Avalon Kids Baseball: $1,000

—Friends of the Avalon Library: $1,000

—Kids at Play (Catalina Youth Arts Exchange): $1,000

The city of Avalon, the local mon-profits, and the youth of Avalon are especially thankful this year due to the generous donations of Curtin Maritime.

David Hart is the Community Service supervisor for the city of Avalon.