Coyote Joe’s, Straight Up Builders tied for first

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Eric’s on the Pier faced off against Catalina Express in game one last Thursday night. Aimee Casillas hit a double and scored on a double from Brandon Franco to start off Eric’s on the Pier. Catalina Express answered back with four base hits and doubles from Mario Jimenez and Steven Marcy to bring home five runs.

Eric’s on the Pier added three more runs in the third off two base hits and doubles from Brandon Franco and Edmundo Vega. Catalina Express’s Leo Aguilar hit a triple and later scored in the bottom of the inning. Eric’s on the Pier added another run in the fourth off Brandon Franco’s RBI double. Catalina Express kept the lead with two more runs off three base hits and a double from Leo Aguilar.

In the fifth and final inning, Eric’s on the Pier was down by three. Edmundo Vega hit a double, followed by doubles from Aimee Casillas and Robert Reyes. With two outs and two home, Catalina Express secured the win by leaving Robert Reyes stranded at second. Final score Eric’s on the Pier 7, Catalina Express 8.

For Eric’s on the Pier, Brandon Franco was three for three. Beto Martin, Edmundo Vega, Viktor Martinez and Aimee Casillas all collected two hits. Robert Reyes, Joe Talsky and Christy Alegria-Flynn had one hit.

For Catalina Express, Leo Aguilar and Steven Marcy were both three for three. Santiago Martinez collected two hits. Joe Hernandez, Tyler Engel, Mario Jimenez and LeeAnn Little all had one hit.

Game two was between Coyote Joe’s and Straight Up Builders. Straight Up Builders scored two runs in the bottom of the first, off a home run from Daniel Paradisi. Coyote Joe’s got on the board in the third off two base hits.

Coyote Joe’s took the lead in the fourth with three runs off an error and four base hits. Straight Up Builders quickly reclaimed the lead with four runs from two walks, a base hit, and doubles from Daniel Paradisi and Bart Glass. Coyote Joe’s added another run in the fourth.

Straight Up Builders went to town in the bottom of the inning. Eight runs came home on four base hits, doubles from Chuy Sillas, Jose Cuevas and Daniel Paradisi, and a three RBI home run from Gabriel Alvarado. Coyote Joe’s got their last at bat. J.D. Laflin hit a solo home run with two outs. Ryan HInkley followed with a double, but was left stranded at third with the game ending in the score Coyote Joe’s 6, Straight Up Builders 14.

For Coyote Joes, Ryan HInkley was three for three. J.D. Laflin and Laura Priest had two hits. Hugh Bevins, Francisco Bravo, Kenton Efhan, Ron Bevins, Cathy Ponce and Jennifer Williams all had one hit.

For Straight Up Builders, Chuy Sillas and Daniel Paradisi were three for three. Manny Hernandez, Bart Glass, Gabriel Alvarado, Paul Daniel Romo, Briana Morones and Selina Morones all contributed two hits. Jose Cuevas and Fabiola Sillas had one hit.


Coyote Joes 4-3-1

Straight Up Builders 4-3-1

Catalina Express 4-4

Eric’s on the Pier 3-5

Top Batters

Ryan HInkley .947

Leo Aguilar .833

Robert Reyes .818

Brandon Franco .815

Allen Casillas .810

Selina Morones .542

Briana Morones .515

Stephanie Martinez .481

Aimee Casillas .414