Coyote Joe’s captures softball championship

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For the Islander

After nine weeks of league play, Coyote Joe’s has captured the League Champions title. Congratulations Coyote Joe’s. Their overall record is 6-3. The three other teams, Bravo’s Landscaping, Chet’s Hardware and Straight Up Builders finished with 4-5 records. Using head to head records, the ties were broken into the following finishes:

Chet’s Hardware 2nd place, Bravo’s Landscaping 3rd place, Straight Up Builders 4th place.

Top Batters:

Francisco Bravo .880

Leo Aguilar .826

Ryan Hinkley .826

J D Laflin .792

Josh Flynn .778

Marco Gallegos .750

Robert Reyes .741

Jose Octavo .682

Nick Morones .667

Jim Hinkley .632

Briana Morones .567

Rachel McCormick .444

Betty Tejeda .444

Marisa Morones .400

Selina Morones .400

The postseason tournament was scheduled for March 31, past publication deadline.