Council OKs Green Pier project contract

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Five piles need to be replaced this fall

The City Council unanimously approved a contract with Jilk Heavy Construction, Inc., for the next step in the Green Pleasure Pier improvement project.

Five piles need to be replaced.

The contract was for a maximum of $266,980, according to the staff report. The council also approved adding $100,000 to the existing $225,000 budget for the project.

This was a Consent Calendar item and was proved unanimously along with the other consent items. The council didn’t discuss any of the consent items this week.

“Since 2018, City Staff has been working on a long term maintenance plan for the Green Pleasure Pier. Currently maintenance work on the pier is accomplished by City forces where feasible, but there is a limit to the size and scope of a project,” according to the staff report by Public Works Director Bob Greenlaw.

“The first project that needs to be completed this fall is the repair of five piles. Each of these five piles are in poor shape and must be completed in the near term as they are either missing or have very little structural integrity remaining,” Greenlaw wrote.

“Included with this bid solicitation was an additive alternate for pier condition assessment above and below the waterline. This additive alternate item is able to be added to the base bid,” Greenlaw wrote.

Ultimately, two companies bid on the project.

“Jilk Heavy Construction, Inc. was the low bidder with a base bid of $239,450.00 and an additive alternate of $27,530.00 for total of $266,980.00,” Greenlaw wrote.

“The second bidder was Connolly-Pacific Co with a base bid of $363,895.00 and an additive alternate of $33,140.00 for total of $397,035.00,” Greenlaw wrote.

“Based on low bid for the base bid, and value for the additive alternate, Staff recommends that Jilk Heavy Construction, Inc. be awarded the base bid and the additive alternate for a total of $266,980.00,” Greenlaw wrote.