Catalina Island Foundation recognized by LB community group

The Catalina Island Foundation (CIF) was among nine mainland recipients of grants from the Long Beach Community Foundation (LBCF) recently. It is believed to be the first time any island organization has been so recognized by this group.

At an evening reception in Long Beach, CIF director Linda Rivkin took a bow after the announcement was made that her college-prep program known as SCIF will receive a $9,000 grant from the LBCF. This award recognized her 11 years of service in helping island students achieve higher education, and her continuing success in doing so.  

As founder and Executive Director of SCIF, Linda has paved the way for more than 150 islanders to attend colleges around the country. The 85 percent college graduation rate of SCIF participants has created a path to professional success for Catalina’s youth, opportunities that were previously unavailable for islanders without a college degree. Many of her students have now returned to the island and assumed managerial roles with such entities as the Conservancy, the Medical center, the Catalina Island Company, and the City of Avalon. As you read this, SCIF’s current crop of juniors and seniors are undoubtedly studying for their upcoming SAT tests as they work to further their education – and prospects – in the future.  

SCIF operates as a program under the umbrella of CIF, a six-year old fund dedicated to supporting local organizations working to enhance the quality of island life. CIF is privately funded by local board members and friends of the organization. The Long Beach Community Foundation has been actively supporting groups in the greater Long Beach area for 20 years.  

To date, it has distributed more than $700,000 in strategic grants to worthy recipients. For more information, visit and