Catalina Express wins league championship

Picture is the Straight Up Builders softball team. In the back row, from left to right, are Chuy Sillas, Mario Jimenez, Sean Sterling, Gilbert Hernandez, Bob Kennedy, and Brian Wooten. In the front row, from left to right, are Bart Glass, Robert Reyes, Josh Flynn, and J. D. Laflin. Photo by Patti Engel

The last night of regular league play for Avalon Summer Softball League had Straight Up Builders taking on Bravo’s Landscaping.

Straight Up Builders was up to bat first, and had two singles and doubles from Robert Reyes and Bob Kennedy to score three. Bravo’s Landscaping answered back with a triple from Jose Cuevas, doubles from Joe Hernandez, Anthony Hernandez and Tyler Lane, along with a single and a sacrifice fly to bring home four.

In the top of the second Justin Hernandez made the highlight reel with a diving catch at third to deny Brian Wooten a base hit. A single, double from Robert Reyes and an error brought home two for Straight Up Builders. Bravo’s Landscaping tied it up with a run home on three base hits. Bob Kennedy made a great catch behind the plate to collect the second out. Straight Up Builders regained the lead in the third. Tyler Lane came out of nowhere to make the catch in left for the first out. With a runner on, JD Laflin hit a homerun for two RBIs.

Two more base hits and a walk brought home the third run of the inning. Ryan Hinkley hit a double for Bravo’s Landscaping in the bottom of the inning, but was left stranded.

In the bottom of the fourth, Bravo’s Landscaping added another run. Straight Up Builders added to their lead in the fifth with two runs on a double from Larry Hernandez, a triple from Robert Reyes, and a base hit to bring him home. Bravo’s Landscaping brought it within one when three came home on a single, a double from Justin Hernandez, and a home run from Anthony Hernandez. Straight Up Builders added a run in the sixth. In the bottom of the seventh, Bob Kennedy made a great catch in right for the first out. With two on, Bravo’s Landscaping’s Jose Cuevas hit an inside the park homer to collect three RBIs. Two base hits and a double from Anthony Hernandez brought home two more and the lead. Straight Up Builders got their last at bat. Robert Reyes collected an RBI on his double. He was left stranded at third to end the game with the score Straight Up Builders 12, Bravo’s Landscaping 14.

For Straight Up Builders, J D Laflin, Larry Hernandez and Robert Reyes all collected four hits. Bob Kennedy had two hits, while Gilbert Hernandez, Sean Sterling, Bart Glass and Brian Wooten had one hit. For Bravo’s Landscaping Joe Hernandez, Justin Hernandez, Anthony Hernandez and Tyler Lane all contributed three hits. Jose Cuevas and Kevin Martinez had two hits. With one hit each were Ryan Hinkley, Tino Rodriguez, Edgar Alvarez and Santiago Martinez.

Game two

Game two was between Avalon Freight Services and Catalina Express. Avalon Freight Services got on the board first in the second inning six base hits brought home three runs.

Catalina Express got a run in the third off Jose Octavo’s double. In the fourth, Avalon Freight Services brought home two runs on an error and three base hits. Tommy Vega made the highlight reel with his catch in center to deny Sebastian Sanchez an extra base hit. Avalon Freight Services put four more on the board with back to back doubles from Frank Rojo and Tommy Vega, followed by back to back homeruns from Allan Vega and Nick Morones. Catalina Express woke up in the bottom of the inning. Two errors, a sacrifice fly, three base hits, a double from Jose Octavo, a triple from Ryan Santoro and a homerun from Beto Martin added up to six runs.

In the seventh, Allan Vega hit a double for Avalon Freight Services, but was left stranded. Catalina Express took the lead in the bottom of the inning. Ryan Santoro collected two RBIs on his inside the park homerun. Cristian Martinez hit a double and scored on the double from Beto Martin. Sebastian Sanchez followed with a two RBI homerun. In the bottom of the eighth, it was more Catalina Express.

With two runners on, Ryan Santoro hit his second inside the park homerun. Jose Octavo followed with a double and later scored. With their last at bat, Avalon Freight Services batted around the order. With one runner on, Allan Vega hit a homerun, followed by a homerun from Nick Morones. Edmundo Vega collected an RBI on his double, and later scored. A total of five came home, just short of the victory. Final score was Avalon Freight Services 14, Catalina Express 16.

For Avalon Freight Services, Allan Vega collected five this. Nick Morones had four, while Frank Rojo, Tommy Vega and Edumundo Vega contributed three hits. Ron Bevins and Hugh Bevins each had one hit. For Catalina Express, Jose Octavo, Cristian Martinez, Beto Martin, Paul Daniel Romo and Ryan Santoro all had three hits. Sebastian Sanchez, Stevo Pedroza, Manny Hernandez, Juan De La Cruz and Shawn Hall all had one hit.

Congratulations Catalina Express on your undefeated League Championship title!

Tournament play begins this week. Come on out and support your favorite team in their quest for the tournament championship title.

Schedule for Friday, Aug. 17

6 p.m.—Straight Up Builders and Catalina Express

7:45 p.m.—Bravo’s Landscaping and Avalon Freight Services


Catalina Express—8-0-1 LEAGUE CHAMPIONS

Bravo’s Landscaping—5-4

Avalon Freight Services—4-5

Straight Up Builders—0-8-1

Top Batters


Tommy Vega—.694

Jose Octavo—.684

Weston Leonhardi—.679

Josh Flynn—.667

Allan Vega—.652

Joey Hall—.632

Tanner Engel—.625

Cristian Martinez—.611

Nick Morones—.579