Catalina co-ed softball opens summer season

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For the Islander

For the first time, CoEd softball will play during the summer months. The first game was a close contest between Straight Up Builders and Bravo’s Landscaping. Straight Up Builders put three on the board in the first innings with a triple from Josh Flynn and a doubles from Jose Octavo and Allan Casillas.

Straight Up Builders put another run on the board in the third before a double play ended the inning. In the bottom of the third, Bravo’s Landscaping got on the board with five runs off four base hits and an inside-the-park home run from Joe Hernandez. Straight Up Builders tied it up in the fourth. In the bottom of the inning, Weston Leonhardi hit a double for Bravo’s Landscaping, but was left stranded at second. In the fifth inning, Straight Up Builders put two more runs on the board with help from the double from Allan Casillas. In the bottom of the fifth, Bravo’s Landscaping took the lead with four runs off five base hits.

Straight Up Builders again tied it up in the top of the sixth with two runs scored off Jose Octavo’s inside the park home run. Bravo’s Landscaping again took the lead in the bottom half of the inning with three runs on five base hits and an error. In the top of the seventh, Straight Up Builders failed to score, so the game ended with the score, Straight Up Builders 9, Bravo’s Landscaping 12.

For Straight Up Builders, Chuy Sillas was five for fie. Jose Octavo and Allan Casillas were four for four. Alvaro Alvarado and Fabiola Sillas collected two hits. Josh Flynn and Bart Glass contributed one hit.

For Bravo’s Landscaping, Weston Leonhardi, Angel Hernandez and Edmundo Vega were three for three. Tyler Engel, Briana Morones and Selina Morones contributed two hits. Joe Hernandez, Justin Hernandez and Rolando Gonzalez all collected one hit.

Second game

Game two featured Chet’s Hardware and Coyote Joes. Chet’s Hardware was up to bat first, and scored four runs on the game opening inside the park home run from Cristian Martinez. Robert Reyes collected three RBIs on his shot over the fence.

Coyote Joe’s got on the board in the third inning with seven runs off three walks, two base hits, doubles from Ron Bevins and Marisa Morones, and a home run from Nick Morones.

Chet’s Hardware regained the lead in the fourth inning. Four runs scored on two base hits, a double from Alex Campos, a triple from Robert Reyes, and a home run from J D Laflin. Coyote Joes answered with six runs on four walks, a base hit, and a double from Hector Celaya.

Chet’s Hardware kept it close with two more runs in the fifth. Coyote Joe’s kept the pressure on in the bottom of the inning, with four more runs scoring before time ran out. Final score Chet’s Hardware 10, Coyote Joes 17.

For Chet’s Hardware, J D Laflin and Robert Reyes were three for three. Alex Campos was two for two. Cristian Martinez, Nestor Cubillas, Diego Rios, Felipe Casillas, and Aimee Casillas all collected one hit.

For Coyote Joes, Hector Celaya was four for four. Nick Morones and Ron Bevins were two for two. Marisa Morones also collected two hits. Frankie Rojo, Francisco Bravo, Hugh Bevins and Maria Leyva all contributed one hit.