Avalon Council Candidates for Two-Year Term

Carl Johnson

Please explain your ideas on how the city can address the costs to upgrade its aging infrastructure? 

Our aging infrastructure should be the city council’s main objective, as I feel that it has been the most neglected. The local government has three main responsibilities that should include: Infrastructure, Entitlements (i.e. Housing), and Defense (i.e. Sherriff & Fire contracts). Above all else, this should be the City Council’s focus. Anything else that directly impacts these three categories should be reconsidered at a City level. None of this is an attack on the City’s current efforts that are in development, but more about recognizing that there is much more that still needs to be done.

I can go on and talk about endless possibilities, and describe every project: South Beach, Sea Walls, dredging the harbor, Waste Water Plant, Landfill, Avalon Schools, CIMC, and the list can continue to go on … But that would take more words then I am allowed to write. I am also still learning about all the possibilities out there to secure funding. 

I think it is great that the City Council just approved a new agenda item, which will allow the City to complete jobs that don’t exceed $200,000 in-house. I am excited to explore this new option the City has, because this will be a great cost savings. I want to look at all options that can extend the life of our current infrastructure. I also want to look at how current fees are associated with the real impacts on our infrastructure and adjust accordingly. I would like to look at which entities truly impact our infrastructure the most and give them an opportunity to work with us in achieving the end goal. I think that if we identify the major entities that impact the City’s infrastructure the most, that they will understand the value of partnering with the City to accomplish the needed improvements. This gives them an opportunity to show that they are truly invested in the City of Avalon, for decades to come. If that doesn’t work, then we can increase fees that are supported by research findings. We need to act NOW on our infrastructure! One key issue that stands out to me, is the fact that we cannot get grant funding for work that needs to be done from our past, we can only secure that funding for future aging to our already aging infrastructure. 

I can continue to go on, and I can continue to think of more possibilities. I have the out-of-the-box thinking that is needed to create innovative ideas to get the job done. I believe: If there is a will, there is a way! I am determined to find a way to get more of these items accomplished. One of the main reasons I decided to run for office was due to our need to address our aging infrastructure. My primary goals are to continue the efforts the City is making on Infrastructure, along with Quality of Life and Inclusion.

Please vote for Carl Johnson, and I promise to make these three main responsibilities of government my primary focus.

Michael Ponce

Please explain your ideas on how the city can address the costs to upgrade its aging infrastructure?

I believe that funding for infrastructure will always be difficult due to our small rate payer base and our location on an island, but the discussion of development fees currently on the Council agenda it is a start in mitigating upcoming growth on our infrastructure. 

Continuing to look at any grant funding especially in new green technologies should be a priority. We should also be a model on sustainability, which we could then market out to other communities. New off-season revenue streams could also add to the different infrastructure funds without adding to what ratepayers already are charged.