Avalon co-ed softball standings in three-way tie

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Game two was a nail-biter between The Lobster Trap and Bravo’s Landscaping

It was another beautiful night at the ballfield. On May 20, Coyote Joe’s opened the game against Straight Up Builders. Straight Up Builders took the early lead, and never looked back. Straight Up Builders had some highlight reels: Marisa Morones made a great catch at third, followed by the circus catch from brother Nick Morones in Left field.

Josh Flynn, Daniel Paradisi and Beto Martin hit inside the park homeruns. Nick Morones had a 3RBI over the fence home run. For Coyote Joes Chuy Sillas had a double, Frankie Rojo a triple, and Sebastian Sanchez a 3 RBI home run. Straight Up Builders won the game 12-7.

For Coyote Joes, Frankie Rojo and Chuy Sillas collected three hits. Felipe Casillas had two hits, while Sebastian Sanchez, Ron Bevins, Hugh Bevins, Rachel McCormick and Toria Richards all contributed one hit. For Straight Up Builders, Nick Morones and Daniel Paradisi had three hits. Josh Flynn, Beto Martin and Paul Daniel Romo collected two hits. Freddy Zavala, Maria Reyes and Amie Jimenez had one hit.

Game two was a nail-biter between The Lobster Trap and Bravo’s Landscaping. Extra base hits for the Lobster Trap were a double and home run from Justin Hernandez, double from Manny Hernandez and Francisco Bravo. Diego Rios had a two RBI out of the park home run. Bravo’s Landscaping highlights included the catch by Aimee Casillas that robbed an extra base hit from JD Laflin and the fence shaking catch by Tyler Engel at third.

Extra base hits for Bravo’s Landscaping were collected by Joe Hernandez with two doubles. Jose Octavo robbed Joe of a third double with his catch in left. Robert Reyes had two doubles, a triple and a two RBI home run. Jimmy Felix collected three RBIs on his home run. Tyler Engel hit a solo shot over the fence. Despite all the hits, The Lobster Trap pulled off the win 12-9.

For Bravo’s Landscaping, Robert Reyes was four for four. Joe Hernandez, Tyler Engel and Gabe Alvarado collected two hits. Jimmy Felix, Tino Rodriguez, Maddie Hiniker and Gwen Karnowski all had one hit. For The Lobster Trap, Justin Hernandez was three for three with a sacrifice fly. Edmundo Vega was also three for three. Margery Williams collected three hits. Jose Octavo, Francisco Bravo, and Diego Rios had two hits. J D Laflin, Manny Hernandez, Santiago Martinez, Brianna Morones and Stephanie Martinez all contributed one hit.

May 27 saw another great set of games. The Lobster Trap and Straight Up Builders faced off in the first game. Despite final inning heroics of six runs scored, The Lobster Trap just feel short of the win 18-15. Highlights by Lobert Trap in the game included an inside the park home run and a double from Jose Ceuvas. Jose Octavo turned an error into a run, then hit a double in his next at bat. Justin Hernandez had a two RBI home run. Briana Morones and Margery Williams both hit doubles.

For Straight UP Builders, Josh Flynn had a two RBI inside the park home run. Nick Morones had a double and a two RBI shot over the fence.

For The Lobster Trap, Justin Hernnadez was four for four. Jose Cuevas, JD Laflin and Margery Williams had three hits. Francisco Bravo, Diego Rios and Brianna Morones all had two hits. Jose Octavo and Manny Hernandez contributed one hit.

For Straight Up Builders, Daniel Paradisi and Nick Morones were four for four. Marisa Morones also had four hits. Paul Daniel Romo had three hits. Bart Glass and Freddy Zavala collected two hits. Josh Flynn, Beto Martin and Laura Priest all contributed one hit.

Game two came down to a walk off hit for the win between Bravo’s Landscaping and Coyote Joes. During the game, Bravo’s Landscaping extra base hits included doubles from Joe Hernandez, 3 from Robert Reyes, Jimmy Felix, a triple from Tino Rodriguez and a home run from Tyler Engel.

Coyote Joe’s had two doubles from Sebastian Sanchez, doubles from Juan De La Cruz, Chuy Sillas and Matilda Martinez. Ron Bevins had an inside the park home run and a triple. With bases loaded, Sebastian Sanchez hit the walk off single for the Coyote Joe’s win 12-11.

For Bravo’s Landscaping, Robert Reyes was three for three. Joe Hernadnez was two for two. Gabe Alvarado and Maddie HIniker also had two hits. Jimmy Felix, Tyler Engel, Jim Hinkley, Tino Rodriguez, Aimee Casillas and Diana Rios all contributed one hit.

For Coyote Joes, Sebastian Sanchez had three hits. Frankie Rojo, Juan De La Cruz, Chuy Sillas, Ron Bevins, Nestor Cubillo and Rachel McCormick all had two hits. Hugh Bevins, Matilda Martinez and Toria Richards collected one hit.


Coyote Joe’s—4-3

Lobster Trap—4-3

Straight Up Builders—4-3

Bravo’s Landscaping—2-5

Top Batters

Nick Morones—.920

Sebastian Sanchez—.875

Edmundo Vega—.778

Josh Flynn—.773

Justin Hernandez—.739

Daniel Paradisi—.684

Beto Martin—.667

Robert Reyes—.650

Chuy Sillas—.632

J D Laflin—.625

Margery Williams—.630

Madeline Hiniker—.500

Stephanie Martinez—.385

Marisa Morones—.367

Rachel Mc Cormick—.360

Matilda Martinez—.333