What actually happened at Trailhead?

A column at the Trailhead Visitor’s Center construction site shifted at about 11:45 a.m., March 28. Courtesy photo

According to a detailed report issued by the Santa Catalina Island Conservancy, here is exactly what happened at the Trailhead Visitor’s Center Construction Project.

Tony Budrovich, CEO, said safety has been and will always be the highest priority. He said that the column shift, while dramatic, will have no long term impact on the construction or the planned opening of the facility.

Here is what happened, according to the Conservancy.

-Column incident occurred at approximately 11:45 a.m. on March 28, 2018.

-Workers were immediately evacuated from the building.

-Inspection observed that a steel column on the lower level had shifted on its base.

-City Fire, City Building and Safety, DCI structural engineer, Conservancy management and public works were immediately notified of the situation.

-The overtown engineer and all key stakeholders arrived at the jobsite within 3 hours.

-Connelly Pacific, Jordahl, Seacrest and Conservancy staff team was successfully activated to temporarily shore/stabilize the damaged column using their equipment and expertise.

-A shoring plan was confirmed by engineers Friday morning, stamped and submitted to the City.

-Friday afternoon an engineered repair plan was submitted to the City and then delivered to EsGil Corporation in San Diego (a City Inspection/Plan check contractor) for plan check, review and stamped approval.

-The engineering has also been peer reviewed by three additional engineering firms.

-Repair solution to be complete by Friday of this week.


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