Scuba Diving: The Heart Of The Matter

Writer Wade McDonald at the Point Vicente lighthouse. Palos verdes, California. Photo courtesy of Wade McDonald

Well Summertime has finally arrived and with that being said let’s make it a good one.

This is that time of year again when mother nature turns up the heat a bit and we start to see all the warm water critters swimming and floating their way into our local waters from the sub tropics down south.

To all of my loyal readers you might have noticed that I have been absent for several weeks.

Well here I am back nearly four weeks later and about a month downstream from my grand appearance at the Smidt Heart Institute at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

The good news is that we are living in the 21st century equipped with medical advancements that were practically non-existant just a few years ago.

The other good news is that I will be undergoing my procedure there at Cedars, one of the top heart institute’s in the world.

Who would have thought that my cardiovascular muscle was not behaving properly?

I certainly wouldn’t have. Shucks, I put a thousand miles on my bike last month and swam countless miles with my fishy friends!

Maybe they were trying to tell me something all along.

We are only human and at times there are no navigational aids relaying to us that rough seas lie ahead. But if life has taught us one thing or the other, Its to expect the unexpected and never give up hope.

And if you ever lose hope or your will to live, don’t be afraid or ashamed.

You are never alone nor really lost just out there in the dark a bit.

Look for the flashing lights off in the distance.

They’re sure to guide you safely back to shore. And now for the weather outside … Expect plenty of breezy sunshine this afternoon through this weekend with a temperature high of 74 degrees. Sea temperature around 64.

Always remember to check current weather conditions when planning your activities around the water.

Know your limitations and swim near a lifeguard when possible.

When in doubt don’t go out!


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