Scuba Diving: Please don’t bug me

A pair of California Spiny Lobsters taking shelter off of Catalina Island. Photo by Wade McDonald
A pair of California Spiny Lobsters taking shelter off of Catalina Island. Photo by Wade McDonald


Did you know that the “California Spiny Lobster” can live in depths below 200 feet? Now how’s that for a deep habitat! Females can carry more than 600,000 eggs and after about two in a half months their eggs hatch and develop into larvae called “Phyllosoma” The larvae then feeds on plankton before becoming a full blown juvenile. During the day, adults make their home anywhere that can provide them with a protected shelter typically within rocky crevices.

When the dark of night arrives, they are ready to satify their hunger with a diet that consists of worms, mussels, sea urchins as well as clams, and there are plenty to choose from. Their habitat ranges from Monterey Bay all the way south to the Gulf of Tehuantepec in Mexican waters.

I can personally recall several “wreck dives” That I would routinely conduct at depths below 100 feet and I would often encounter these lobsters with their antennas waving at me. Which, by the way, they can use as a defense mechanism by producing a very loud noise to help fend off would be predators. Interesting indeed! They must have been thinking all along, “What is he doing down here?”

Lets take a look at our weather outside shall we? This afternoon through the weekend North winds 15 to 20 knots with a slight chance of some drizzle. Expect plenty of sunshine with some scattered clouds and a temperature high of 61 Degrees.

Tomorrow on Saturday, Feb. 24, the 37th annual Avalon Underwater Cleanup will be taking place with hundreds of scuba divers from around the globe ready to don their neoprene wetsuits and make their descent into the harbor. Come on down and check it out for yourself.

I will be at the Green Pleasure Pier. Stop on by and say hello! The ocean is a magical place for all of us to enjoy and play in, But remember it can also be a dangerous place. Always check current water conditions and never exceed your abilities, When In Doubt Don’t Go Out !


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