Paxton’s vision for a healthy community, CHOICES.



In 2001 Paxton Offield (or Packy as he was more commonly known) saw that there was a problem among Avalon’s youth concerning the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol.  He reached out to the Hazeldon Foundation for Addiction Treatment in Minnesota whose representatives came to Avalon and conducted a needs assessment.  The results of the assessment, funded by Packy, showed that Avalon youth were at a much higher risk of becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol than children who lived in non-resort type communities.  A focus group was held with many different facets of the community on how to approach this situation.  Representatives from community churches, school, law enforcement, medical professionals, city government and concerned citizens were in attendance.  Shortly thereafter, as a result of Packy’s vision, Catalina CHOICES Coalition was created.

The Offield Family Foundation generously funded Catalina CHOICES for many years.

 “Packy was a wonderful man; very generous and forward thinking.  He cared very much about our community and he will be missed,” said Dawn Sampson who was involved in the creation of CHOICES.

 “Packy’s vision and overwhelming generosity have changed many lives in our community and CHOICES continues to provide Avalon’s youth with much needed support and commitment,” said Rhonda Kalish, CHOICES continuing care specialist.


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