Conservancy CEO says construction problem now corrected

A beam that slipped off its footing has been repaired and approved by inspectors, according to Santa Catalina Island Conservancy CEO Tony Budrovich.

“There is some concrete and epoxy grout which still needs drying time but the building is stable, to code and signed off as accepted by the two inspectors,” he said.

The construction incident March 28 at the site of a new Trailhead Visitor’s Center caused some concern in Avalon, but Budrovich claims the incident never really put the building under construction in danger of collapse.

In addition, Budrovich said all repairs are being made in collaboration with the city and other required inspectors, contractors and consultants.

“The team worked hard to correct this issue and did so with safety the priority,” said Budrovich.

“With the earthquake yesterday (April 5) it is a good feeling to have the building structural components solid and safe,” Budrovich added.


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