Catalina Election 2016


Ann “Anni” H. Marshall


Age: 63, the new 43

Resident of Avalon: 32 years

Ann “Anni” H. Marshall


Age: 63, the new 43

Resident of Avalon: 32 years

I KEPT MY PROMISE In 2014 I was critical of city management: fiscal accountability, neglected infrastructure, lack of transparency and failure to negotiate city leases and employee contracts.   I wanted to develop advisory groups when needed, soliciting their expertise.

We now have action on issues i.e., water, capital projects and balancing of our city budget. Accomplishments in 2 years address each of my concerns, and more.

• City audits are up-to-date. We have a balanced general fund budget.

• Reduced city attorney fees by 40%.

• Pebbly Beach fencing & k-rail are being set currently.

• Raised sewer and salt water fees to improve its infrastructures.

• Negotiated long term leases with local businesses.

• Renegotiated contracts with employee groups.

• Created R-TAP, a water reclamation committee that encouraged the council to conduct a reclamation study. (In progress)

• Met with city leaders to address the drug and alcohol problems facing our community and will continue to move forward at finding solutions.

• Supported the second desalination plant.

• Moved forward on the replacement of the fuel dock and restaurant.

• Worked toward Mole improvements.

• Moved forward with the electric buses, initiated by the previous city council.

• I supported open competition of freight service to benefit residents and businesses.

• I received council support for the building of an elevator at Beacon Street Senior Housing. (In progress)

• I developed a program to acknowledge our young adults who have graduated from institutions of higher learning.

• Along with the City Council, reinstituted the volunteer recognition program for those people having contributed time, expertise or funds for Avalon youth.

I look forward to the hiring of a community services director to develop additional leisure services to the entire community.

TRANSPARENCY is now alive and well.  I am impressed with the participation of our citizenry at council meetings, online and through local cable, as well as the ease by which community members approach me.

Yes, there is still more work to be done: noisy golf carts, lack of parking, minimal open space, affordable/quality housing, to name a few.  These dilemmas can only be improved with the cooperation of all stakeholders, big and small. For those of you, who truly know me, you know me to be a good listener and someone who attempts to resolve issues fairly.  If you agree with the promises I have kept and my commitment to continually move forward, then please vote for me on April 12th.

I support a diverse council, representing the many factions of our community. The last 2 years have given you that diversity and passion.  Your vote should secure that diversity.  Let’s go forward, as we meet our challenges head on.

I would be honored to serve as your voice, your Mayor, for two more years.      

Anna Marshall, Mayor