Catalina Couples: Leslie Baer and Mel Dinkel

Leslie Baer and Mel Dinkel are seen with a real lion in its habitat in Africa. “We paid a conservation organization to have this experience. We had to sign a huge ‘release of liability’ of course … They feed the lions first, so there is much less of a chance of issues. Then, you must never walk in front of them, always behind, and no fast movements. The cubs from the pair we met will be used to try to repopulate Africa with lions. Ninety percent have been lost throughout the continent since 1980,” said Leslie, who works for the Catalina Island Conservancy. Her husband Mel is a former Conservancy employee. Please send us your favorite photo of yourself or one of another local Catalina couple to be included in the Catalina Islander. They can be young or old. In special places, special occasions or just at home. Email your high resolution photo to


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