Catalina beaches to get new sand for summer

File photo of the beach

Visitors come to Catalina expecting pristine, white sandy beaches and that is exactly what they will get again this year. Overtown barges will be loaded with white sand and delivered to the Island. The planning has been done and equipment is being lined up to spread the white sand on Avalon’s beaches next Wednesday (weather permitting).

According to Avalon Public Works Director Bob Greenlaw, the beautiful new sand is necessary to replace the sand washed away in a December storm. He said it happened two years in a row and insurance won’t cover the cost.

Nevertheless, he said the entire project cost is relatively low (approximately $30,000) and will pay huge dividends to the city over the longer term with visitor satisfaction.

He said the special sand is pure white, similar to the sand used in golf course sand traps and will create a very nice appearance.

Trucks and backhoes, along with a specialty contractor, have been lined up to spread the sand, which he said must be done when there is no cruise ship in port.

The entire process should take no more than two days, he added.


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