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Articles by Catalina Islander readers

Restaurants bite the dust

Are you as sorry as I am to see another one of our favorite restaurants bite the dust?

Freight monopoly must stop

I read that the PUC is reopening their investigation into the controlled freight monopoly.

Well, I didn’t think much about it, until it turns out that a couple weeks later I was scheduled to put my overtown car on a charter barge.

I have been waiting for the Conservancy to have a barge since October. The Conservancy was so helpful in letting me partake in their paid charter.

Dog and cat shelter planned

An Avalon contractor (who wishes to remain anonymous at this time) is preparing to break ground on a dog and cat sanctuary located in Baja Mexico.

“The number of homeless, hungry and sick dogs and cats in Mexico, and everywhere really, is very sad.  I want to create a haven for as many of these animals as I can.”

Stay tuned for updates on the project including photos during construction.

Kristy Throndson

The Catalina Islander

Fondly remembering Islander Bill Hill

My daughter and I were deeply blessed to have known Bill Hill, Jeannie and their whole family for 28 years.

The loss of Bill and Jeannie is huge in our lives and I’m very certain huge in the lives of their family and the Avalon family. Bill and Jeannie were both so full of life, kindness and fun and were a treasure of oral history of Catalina Island.

Get rid of standing water

In my nearly 20 years of living in Avalon, I’ve only been bitten by a mosquito on a single occasion.  One of the great attractions of our little piece of paradise, in addition to the best climate in the world, is that we have virtually no biting insects.

Thanks from Island Foundation

The Catalina Island Foundation and Overlook Hall would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all who made our annual Avalon Charity Home Tour a smashing success. It would have been a far lesser event without your help. To all our donors, participants, and volunteers who gave of their products, money, and time, please allow this note to serve as a public token of our appreciation.

And please patronize the following businesses and organizations whose generosity helped make the day:

Setting the record straight on flying the Goose

Thanks to my good friend Robbie Hovard I was forwarded a copy of your Sept. 23, 2016 Catalina Islander. I see my old friend Brian Dawes has gotten the ear of some gullible journalist and has been embellishing seaplane stories again. No doubt egged on by Paul Moritz and Robbie Hovard, men generally associated with the old hands of Catalina’s seaplane operations.

Stage 3 rationing
affects tourists too

Your recent article about the crisis and how people can help with suggestions for reducing water usage was very interesting.

I do not live on Catalina but my husband and I have rented for a week a property on Pebbly Beach Road.

This is from Dec. 29-Jan 4 over New Year’s. I purchased tickets to the gala New Year’s Eve event (you know what those cost) and it is our wedding anniversary that night as well.

Keep our beach volleyball court

I am writing to urge the City Council to retain Avalon’s only beach volleyball court at its current location in Mole Park.

Library renovation takes a village

If you see Burney Ramming, please tell him thank you. It was his idea to renovate our sad-looking library. As president of the Friends of the Avalon Library at the time, he said that if you had a good idea and the right people, things would get done.