Catalina remembers the nation’s fallen

Courtesy photo

Avalon’s first-ever female post commander pf the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Jen Dreizehn (pictured standing), delivered her first Memorial Day speech on Monday. She recounted the details of a speech that was printed in the Catalina Islander last week. Dreizehn told a large crowd gathered at the Avalon cemetery that she suffered a long while after 16 of her friends were killed on a single day in 2011. After much soul searching and visits to Arlington National Cemetery, the commander said she eventually was inspired to ‘move on’ with her life. Dreizehn said she started going to church “to find a husband,” but heard a quote “Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted” and has since given her life to Christ. “I am blessed,” she said, “because God is comforting me now.”