Scuba Diving: There’s something in the Water

Our columinist Wade McDonald enjoying a swim in Key Largo, Florida. Courtesy photo

Let’s face it: we live on a planet that is in constant rotation inhabited with more than 7 billion people going in all directions.

Some like to scoot along in the fast lane while others have learned to slow it down and take some time to smell the roses. At some point in our lives we all experience our fair share of “stress.” Or maybe not so fair, it may seem. When our warning lights start to flash, its critical that we jump into action one way or the other, and that action just might be a salty one.

Ever since I can remember before I even learned to walk there was always the wonderous blue water, the smells, the sounds, the sights and that feeling I would get as a child aboard my father’s sailboat that ultimately would leave it’s footprint embedded upon my soul forever.

The ocean has always provided a great sense of solace in times of need with just the right amount of salt of course. I have intersected with countless people who went on to become my friends, extended family and female lovers who were also entwined within this wet world. For some the sea is a source of revenue, For others it might be a lifestyle or a science project, But for us, It’s our life and we’re stuck with it. One thing for sure, there’s definitely something in the water.

Let’s take a look at our official marine forecast for the Island now shall we?

This afternoon west winds 10 to 15 knots mostly cloudy with a temperature high of 68 degrees and a low of 56. Expect some sun to start breaking through by Saturday afternoon. Always remember to check current weather conditions when planning your activities around the water. Know your limitations and swim near a lifeguard when possible. When in doubt don’t go out!


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