Scuba Diving: Sea gulls are cute

Seagulls gather above on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Courtesy photo

Sea birds can be found in many regions around the world and within this feathery hierarchy lives the “Gull.”

Scientists estimate that the Sea Gull has existed for over 25 Million years here on planet earth, Talk about old…. These birds are no dummies and in fact are highly intelligent creatures capable of learning early on sophisticated survival techniques, For instance it is common for them to fly several miles inland each day to grab a quick bite at your local Chinese restaurant knowing when and where their grub will be. They are known to steal food from other birds, animals as well as unsuspecting beach goers when the opportunity presents itself. It is true that they will eat just about anything but their primary diet consist of rodents, reptiles, fruit, seeds and left over food from humans. Did you know that when Sea Gulls are thirsty they are able to drink salt water due to their special glands that eliminate the excess salt from their body. Most of these birds can live well over 10 years and in some cases beyond 15. There are many different kinds of “Gulls”. Like our California Gull that lives here locally. More on birds later….Lets take a look at the Marine Forcast now shall we…..This afternoon through Sunday. West winds 10 to 20 knots. Wind waves 2 to 3 feet. Partly sunny with some rain with a temperature high of 60. Always check current weather conditions when planning recreational activities around the water. Never go beyond your abilities…Play it safe.. When In Doubt Don’t Go Out!


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