Scuba Diving: Rockfish don’t dance

The spines of the Rockfish are poisonous. Photo by Wade McDonald

With over 100 species living in the world’s ocean, Rockfish definitely cry out diversity. They come in various colors and can be found hovering motionless in the water column solitary and in large schools.

Their fin spines are poisonous and in fact are members of the scorpaenidae family. It is believed that some species living in the Gulf Of Alaska have lived to be 200 years old! Let’s take a look at our official marine forecast for the Island now shall we …

This afternoon: West winds 10 to 15 knots with plenty of sunshine, Clouds increasing by Sunday. Temperature high of 75 with a low of 57. Always remember to check current weather conditions when planning your activities around the water. Know your limitations and swim near a lifeguard when possible, When In Doubt Don’t Go Out!


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