Letters to the Editor: July 20, 2018

Faith in humanity restored

My husband and I are frequent travelers to Catalina Island and have been since the early 1970s. In fact, my husband came over as a little boy in the ’60s via the airplanes that landed in the water. We raised six sons and enjoyed the boat rides over, fishing off the mole, Pebble Beach (back then), breakfast with Lou and Muriel at the Pancake Cottage and ice cream cones at the corner shop. Wonderful memories.

We came over a week or so ago, and after a fun day, we got back home only for me to discover that my wallet was missing. Needless to say, I was REALLY upset and didn’t know where to turn on a Sunday evening. I cancelled my credit cards and retraced my steps and realized the last place I had it was the little food shop on the mole. Bill called the Sheriff’s to see if it had been turned in and got the name and number of the store as Ellis’s Island Deli as my last stop for a coffee.

I wasn’t sure if it would be there, but I hoped and being that it was almost midnight, I just went to bed “hoping.”

I got up early and called the number to Ellie’s Island Deli and a really nice lady answered the phone. I explained that I had lost my wallet and before I could finish she reassuredly said, “I have it, everything is in it and please don’t worry.” I absolutely could not believe it and I so thanked her.

She said she had seen it after I left and she ran around trying to find me but couldn’t. I started to cry then and asked if she would mail it to me. She said, “OF COURSE …YES!” Her name is Mireya Jimenez and I would like her recognized with whatever honors your island may bestow upon such an honest, caring person … even if it’s a great big THANK YOU!

She completely restored my faith in humanity and she sent my wallet via FEDEX overnight and I received it within a day with everything inside, including $300 cash. I sent her a thank you card, but wanted you all to know too.

Thank you for reading my letter and for the wonderful memories.

My sons are all grown with their own families but they come over there to the island whenever they can. My oldest son Ben takes Cub Scouts over there to teach them fishing and kids from UPSAC. My second son, Daniel has a boat and he and his wife are at the island whenever they can visit. My third son, Tommy and his wife Christa have 3 girls who are Girl Scouts and they just left Camp Fox. My other sons have very young kids, but can’t wait to bring them over to remember their adventures there as little boys.

Thanks to you all and especially the wonderful Mireya Jimenez … Hope to see you all very soon.

Sue and Bill Acker



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