Letters to the Editor: Feb. 23, 2018


A correction on ‘an island sunset’

Catalina Islander for Feb. 16. As we all know, our planet rotates east to west. The sun sets in the west. Angela Clark sent in a photo of a Catalina sunset taken at Empire Landing. As all islanders know, Empire Landing will see the morning rays from the sunrise in the east. As one can see in the back ground are the mainland mountains looking along the coast facing north to northeast from Catalina. When the sun sets in the early evening on the windward side of Catalina, which is the back side all of us islanders know one will see only open ocean as far as the horizon with no mountains. The next land mass would be the Hawaiian islands.

Brian Dawes,

Long time islander of 55 years


Painting tiles was great event

I would like to thank Cinde Cassidy and David Lee for organizing the great event painting “tiles” to make the fence around the Vons construction site more pleasing to the eye. It was great to see so many members of our community laughing and working together- with the added benefit of beautifying our town. I hope that we, as a community can continue to find ways to deepen our bonds as neighbors.

Again, thank you to Mrs. Cassidy, Mr. Lee, and all who helped out.

Micah Phillips 



The many talents of Teresa Macktal

Soon an individual who has had a profound impact on the youth of Avalon will be leaving to further pursue a career goal she has had since high school. I am writing about my daughter Teresa Macktal. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to witness the talents in her personal variety act for 27 years, a show she has shared with the community since her college graduation.

Hold on. Normally when a parent talks about what one of their children has accomplished it can seem like boasting but they can celebrate. When a parent talks about an impression one of their children has left that is just acknowledging the fruit of good work and everyone can celebrate.

I want to illustrate why her influence has effected so many by pointing out the difference between a leader and one who is led to lead. A leader can be someone of influence, wealth or nobility. Sometimes they have superior intellect or they may be a person who has risen to the top from hard work and persistence. They are results oriented, concerned with an end product, and are driven by ambition. Those that are led to lead are disguised as ordinary people. We are enamored with their personality, hypnotized by their charm and entertained by their intellect, wit and creativity. They have an uncompromising commitment to a value or principal and are driven by inspiration. Those that are led to lead recognize people you believe can’t do anything knowing they will become the ones who end up doing the things you can’t believe.

For the last 6 years Teresa has cast a spell on the young people of our town filling their minds with an opioid of belonging and confidence. Those that couldn’t get started were filled with the fuel of desire and can see what it is like to dream with their eyes wide open. Some didn’t think they were good enough so she taught them to practice and practice and practice not until they got it right but until they couldn’t get it wrong. She convinced many who weren’t sure, that they had the only key to unlock the door of a spectacular cinema that could only be seen with their own imagination. If you see Teresa on the street give her a shout out. If you don’t know who she is or who I’m talking about just ask one of your children.

A grateful dad,

John Macktal



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