Harbor report for January 2018: less than an inch of rain

Avalon Bay. File photo

Whoever coined the phrase “rain, rain go away, come again another day” should be forced to walk the plank. Catalina had only three days of rain, with a total of only .75 inches. A little bit of history: over the past 10 years, six Januarys have had less than an inch of rain; and in the last 20 years, 11 Januarys have had less than an inch of rain.

Catalina may not have had rain, but we had wind. Catalina had 12 total days of weather warnings; 10 Small Craft Advisories and two Gale Warnings.

The good news is, temperatures were fairly mild and we had almost twice as many boats visit Avalon this month compared to January 2017.

On Jan. 24, Avalon based emergency personnel received recognition for their Dec. 7, 2017, response to a medical call on a vessel in Avalon Harbor.

The patient had been lying on the floor of the vessel for several hours, unable to move and in pain.

Despite complications, the responders were able to assess the situation, evaluate the patient’s medical conditions and extract the patient from the vessel.

The patient was medevac’d to a mainland emergency room.

Thanks to the collective actions of these responders, the patient is alive and doing well.

Among those recognized were Harbor Master JJ Poindexter, Harbor Patrolman Ray Boyd and Harbor Patrolman Eloy Rodriguez.

On Jan. 27, the Shoreline Yacht Club came in to Avalon Harbor with 13 sail boats.

Visits like these are always a little boost to our slow winter weekends.

January 2018 statistics

are as follows

People aboard boats—1,732

Average Temp, High—66

Average Temp, Low —54

Average Sea Temp—59

Vessels Moored—433

Vessels Anchored—54

Moorings Sold / Transferred—2

Weather Warnings—12

Rain (inches)—0.75

Rain Days—3

Citations Issued / Discharges—0/0

Total Cruise Ship Passengers—21,320

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