‘Don’t Worry It’s Just Science Fiction’

Its also important that we educate ourselves to potential hazards when we dive because when we do this we are effectively minimizing any risk that might be present. Photo by Wade McDonald

For some of us we can’t help ourselves when our inner imagination starts wandering and once again we begin to daydream about the ocean. I am often asked by people the big question, Aren’t you scared to be down there? My quick sincere response of course, is no. I simply explain to them that this is the real world they are inquiring about and not some scary R rated horror movie that would probably laugh you and I right out of our seat, Like the deranged killer moray eel that lunges out of its hole to make us its next meal (not). Let’s face it the marine environment is a harsh place and probably one of the toughest places on earth to survive. When it comes to marine life, there are mainly three activities that are critical to each species survival. 1. They have to eat, 2. They need to successfully reproduce 3. They are being eaten by something else. For some of these critters daily life might be as simple as a game of cat and mouse, But on the other hand life in the ocean typically takes on a much more strategic line of defense that is quite complex. For instance, there are fish that are able to change their appearance drastically whether its color size or shape and some are venomous as well. The “Swell Shark” Has the ability to blow itself up twice its size preventing predators from pulling it out of crevices.

One of the most important rules that I adhere to when I am on or under the water is to never harass marine life and give them their space.Its also imminent that we educate ourselves on potential hazards because when we do this we are effectively minimizing any risk that might be present. Do injuries occur? You bet they do, Fortunately most or all of these events are do to human error and can be avoided. Let’s take a look at our official marine forecast shall we…This afternoon through Sunday. Expect a temperature high of 64 Degrees with a low of 51 West winds 15 to 20 knots. Mostly cloudy with some sunshine here and there with some possible rain. Always check current water conditions when planning your recreational activities. Swim near a lifeguard when possible and never exceed your abilities. When In Doubt Don’t Go Out!


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