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About Us

The Catalina Islander is a weekly community newspaper serving Avalon, Catalina Island (California), and its mainland friends. Rooted deeply in our community for nearly a century, The Islander has been continuously published since 1914. We proudly report on the local news, sports, and community events that occur in Avalon, at Two Harbors, many of our common mainland ports and everything in between. The staff at the Catalina Islander has effectively expanded our reach, integrating both digital and social media platforms and enabling our readership to access our content through various forms of media while significantly increasing our audience.

The Catalina Islander is committed to reporting on, gathering, and delivering timely news and informational content in print and online, covering the entire Island and region surrounding it. Our readership is our most valuable asset and continues to grow daily, solidifying our position as the only credible news and information source in our local market. The Catalina Islander publishes and distributes to 5,500 different locations, both on and off the Island, every Friday. In addition to our weekly publication, we also produce several special publications throughout the year. These include publications such as our In Room Magazine, which gets distributed to over 20,000 readers twice each year.

Meet the writers:

Charles M. Kelly
Charles is the assistant editor of the Seal Beach Sun, the Catalina Islander, and OC Prime. He was born in Long Beach, raised in Compton and Long Beach. He has a bachelor's degree in journalism. He covers crime and city government.

Natalie Graham
Natalie Graham is a writer living and working in Avalon. She writes a community interest column for the Catalina Islander called, “Around our Town. Apart from her work for the paper she writes experimental fiction and swims as much as possible. Have a Fun Time, her debut short story collection is available at Kindle. You can visit her at her blog,

Captain Douglas A. Fetteroll
Douglas Fetteroll has been a member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for nearly 30 years. In January of 1984, Fetteroll moved from Boston, Massachusetts to Southern California after earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University.  

Judy Hibbs
Judy Hibbs has a Bachelor's Degree in History. She is the Coordinator for Marketing and Community Relations for Catalina Island Medical Center. She also does marketing and public relations for Catalina Island Inn, the Steamer Trunk and DC-3 Gifts & Grill. An island visitor since 1972 and resident since 1996, Hibbs is Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Catalina Island Museum, a Board Member for the Catalina Island Humane Society and a volunteer consultant for CHOICES. She writes about the quality of life for Avalon families, and is committed to guarding the heritage of Catalina Island as a legacy for future generations.

Jim Watson
Jim Watson is a freelance writer, author and filmmaker who has been contributing to the Catalina Islander since 2007. He writes the weekly column "Mysterious Island," which has been running in the Catalina Islander since January 2011.