CC Beau and Bloom Floral reopen with 100% of profits to charity

Leslie Baer and Sue Rikalo hard at work making Catalina Buffalo Balls. Courtesy photo

The spirit of Paul Newman has come to Avalon through a group of Avalon entrepreneurs who joined together to create a business modeled on Newman’s Own products, with 100% of the profits going to charity. The group purchased CC Beau Deli and Bloom Floral Design on Clarissa Avenue from the former owners of CC Gallaghers, and just reopened on June 4th.

The Deli has an all new menu for breakfast bagels and lunch sandwiches, along with a selection of gourmet foods, premium beers and wines. The team also introduced a brand new, Catalina-based and trademarked product, Catalina Buffalo Balls TM…a low carb, gluten-free energy snack based on nut butters, flaxseed meal, and other delicious ingredients. They come in pairs, and right now either “Naked-style” (the original), or “Hairy-style” (rolled in shredded coconut), with more intriguing styles on the way.

“The idea came to us one night over several glasses of wine and a lot of good cheer!” commented Cliff Hague, one of the founders of the Catalina Island Foundation, and a partner in 4-Way Test Enterprises, the new holding company for the two charitable businesses. He further confirmed that “No buffalo are harmed in the making of this product.”

A second new offering is the Ice Cream Sammie…two half-sized Catalina Airport Cookies with options for different kinds of ice-cream in the middle. Sue Rikalo, who owns the DC-3 restaurant at the Airport in the Sky (home of the famous Airport Cookies), is the operating partner of the new enterprise. “My father and grandfather were both named Sam, so the new name for our ice cream sandwiches was a natural!” she noted. “We’re just getting started, so keep an eye on us. We’ll be bringing in lots of new and unique items.”

Bloom Floral, with long time designer extraordinaire Tracy Spiter, will continue as part of the new business, providing bouquets and other floral and gift products for weddings, special occasions, and island visitors. In addition, floral arrangements will now be available seven days a week for walk ins, and a new website (, is up and running for brides, with online ordering of bouquets, living gardens, and wine and gift baskets coming soon.

The founders, three of whom are Avalon Rotarians, named their new endeavor 4-Way Test Enterprises in honor of Rotary International’s 4-Way Test for the things one thinks, says, and does in life: “1) Is it the truth? 2) Is it fair to all concerned? 3) Will it build good will and better friendships? 4) Will it be beneficial to all concerned?” They have all reached a point in their lives where they wanted to give back, and believed that creating a business model with 100% of the profits going to worthy causes made sense.

Mel Dinkel, another partner, explained, “It is a way to not just give once, but to create a mechanism which will hopefully provide more and more ‘funds for doing good’ every year.” Newman’s Own, for example, has donated over $500 million to charity since it was first founded.

Leslie Baer, the fourth partner, was pleased with feedback from some of the first customers on opening day who were delighted to support the charitable enterprises. “We intend that all profits go to charities that improve quality of life for all of us on Catalina and elsewhere. On our very first day, four people made donations beyond their purchase. It was heartening to see how quickly the spirit of giving has spread.”


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