Catalina beaches, water and sewer shut down for emergency repairs

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Catalina’s troubled infrastructure caused another emergency situation Friday as the entire city of Avalon was without fresh water or salt water for flushing as crews rushed to fix a break in the sewer system.

Sources in Avalon say a decision has been made to close the beaches, but to keep Avalon School open, even though emergency crews and volunteers are bringing pallets of bottled drinking water to the school. Officials have also delivered pallets of bottled water on Avalon’s beaches as well. Signs are urging residents and visitors not to enter the water.

Crews are scrambling to delivery portable toilets to the school and the beaches as well.

Thursday evening late, the city of Avalon sent out an emergency notification informing residents that “on May 31, 2018 at approximately 12 pm, a break in a sewer line located at the Pebbly Beach Lift Station occurred in the City of Avalon. Emergency repairs were undertaken immediately.”

According to the city, due to the scope of repairs, all salt and fresh water services are in the process of being shut down, as of 10:00 a.m. June 1 (Friday).

“This will affect all resident and commercial customers in the city. Residents have been asked to curtail use of system that put further burden on the sewer system until repairs have been completed. It is expected these systems will be down for the next 10 hours. As soon as salt water and fresh water service can be resumed notification will be issued.”

Until further notice, Pebbly Beach Road was opened to essential travel only. As of now, there is no explanation of the breakage or the severity of the damage.


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