Catalina Cooking: Giant pan of lobster sauce with pasta and salmon

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With lobster season winding down we get a bit more stingy with giving away the tails. Need a few for summer months as Abalone season is closed indefinitely up north due to starvation. Sad … nevertheless, I am making a large pan of pasta for the crew at King Harbor Marina. There are so many variations of Lobster Sauce. This one is clean and simple

7 Lobster shells. (a limit)

1 Sweet Onion cut in eights

2 Long Carrots diced about the size of your thumbnail

2 Ribs of Celery cut the same as the carrots

1 T Sea salt

1 T Cracked Black Pepper

1 T Old Bay

2 T Unsalted Butter

Water to cover. (about 2 quarts)

Take a large pot and put the lobster shells, onion, carrot celery and sat in the pan with the butter on medium heat and just kind of cook a bit. Not browning but just stirring for about 10-15 minutes keeping it from sticking on the bottom. Add the seasonings and water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 45 minutes. Let it cool and then strain out the shells. Strain one more time though cheesecloth or fine strainer. This can be portioned and frozen for future needs. This should yield about a quart and a half or so

1 3# side of fresh Salmon unless your lucky enough to have some local caught White Seabass.

Olive Oil

Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper

2 Quarts of Heavy Whipping Cream

1 Stick unsalted butter

2 Baskets of cherry tomatoes

1 Cup torn fresh basil leaves

2 Boxes of Rigatoni

I start the pasta water, heat the grill and reduce the stock at the same time. By the time the lobster stock is reduced, I then pop the fish in the over, drop the pasta and sizzle the tomatoes.

This pretty much has everything ready by the time the cream is reduced….

Put the lobster stock in a large pan and reduce by 1/2. Add the heavy cream and reduce this by 1/3 keeping an eye out for boil overs and breaking causing it to curdle. Stir in the butter when reduced.

Put your pot of water on to boil and cook the pasta and drain.

Heat up the broiler or a saute pan. If you grill, the char flavor will fight with the sweetness of the lobster sauce. I broil in the same pan I will take to the harbor in. Cook the fish with light olive oil and seasoning until it is about 3/4 cooked. About 12 minutes.

With the salmon, remove the brown and skin from the outside of the filet.

Braise the cherry tomatoes in another hot saute pan.

Put the pasta in the lobster sauce and flake the fish over it and mix it together. Top with the tomatoes and fresh basil. Put in the aluminum “Giant Pasta Pan” and get down to King Harbor Marina and keep them happy. Happy marina managers, happy tenant here! I did have to pinch a couple bowls for Breezy and my neighbor Curt!


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