Bravo’s Landscaping and Straight Up Builders Win


Last week’s softball games weren’t even close. Bravo’s Landscaping and Straight Up Builders overwhelmed their opponents Friday, July 20. Bravo’s made 23 and Straight Up made 33. The two losing teams each scored seven runs.

Last week’s softball games weren’t even close. Bravo’s Landscaping and Straight Up Builders overwhelmed their opponents Friday, July 20. Bravo’s made 23 and Straight Up made 33. The two losing teams each scored seven runs.

Friday nights are getting warmer, and the offense on the diamond is heating up too. Bravo’s Landscaping took on Glenmore Hotel in the first game of the Friday, July 20. Bravo’s Landscaping received five walks and a base hit to score five in the first. Jorge Hernandez collected the first two runs for Glenmore Hotel off his home run. Three errors and two more base hits had Glenmore Hotel even after one. In the second a walk, two doubles and a two RBI homerun from Weston Leonhardi gave Bravo’s Landscaping four more runs. In the third Bravo’s Landscaping put up two more runs. Glenmore Hotel had back to back home runs from the Amoroso brothers, Garrett and Sean, for their two runs of the inning.

Robert Reyes made the catch in left center and showed off his arm catching the runner at first before he could get back to the bag for the double play. Bravo’s Landscaping kept the pressure on, with another three runs in the fourth. It would have been more except for Garrett Amoroso being able to catch up to two long fly balls to rob both Marco Gallegos and Nathan Macktal of sure extra base hits. Both had to settle for sacrifice flys to get the run home. Bravo’s Landscaping kept at it in the fifth, adding another five runs. Two more followed in each the sixth and seventh innings. With time expired, Glenmore Hotel had their last at-bat, but three quick fly balls ended the game. Final score Glenmore Hotel 7, Bravo’s Landscaping 23.

For Glenmore Hotel, Sean Amoroso and Michael Rodriguez each had two hits. Billy Boyd, Jorge Hernandez, Garrett Amoroso, Edmundo Vega and Mario Jimenez Jr. all contributed one hit. For Bravo’s Landscaping, Marco Gallegos was four for four. Bob Kennedy and Robert Reyes each collected three hits. Weston Leonhardi, Rich Hernandez, Roberto Cisneros, Joe Hernandez and Kenny Engel all had two hits, while Nathan Macktal had one hit.

Second game
The second game was between Catalina Express and Straight Up Builders. Catalina Express started off with an error, walk and four hits to score four. Straight Up Builders wanted out of the basement, and it showed. The first inning was a marathon of 11 hits for nine runs. Straight Up Builders kept the rally on in the second, scoring six runs before Beto Martin’s two-run inside the park homers, for a total of eight. Straight Up Builders sure took advantage of Catalina Express having only three in the outfield. Catalina Express got back on the board in the fourth from back to back homers from Curtis Hall and Justin Hernandez. Straight Up Builders kept the offensive machine firing, with another eight runs in the bottom of the inning. In the sixth, Straight Up Builders put the game away with a combination of hits and errors to score eight more. Allan Vega took advantage of an error to run all the way home, then in his second at bat of the inning he got an earned two RBI inside the park homer. With time expired, Catalina Express added one more to the board before the game ended with the score Catalina Express 7, Straight Up Builders 33.

For Catalina Express, Josh Flynn had three hits. Eddie Hall, Bart Glass and Johnny Cruz all collected two hits. With one hit each were Curtis Hall, Justin Hernandez, Adam Nelson, Joey Hall and Tomas Moreno. For Straight Up Builders, Isaac Felix and Larry Hernandez both collected five hits. Allan Vega and Mario Jimenez, Sr. had four hits. J.D. Laflin, Beto Martin, Jimmy Felix and Yafet Mengesha contributed three hits, while Juan De La Cruz had two hits. Mickey Mann rounded it out with one hit.

Schedule for Friday, July 27
6 p.m.—Glenmore Hotel versus Straight Up Builders
7:45 p.m.—Bravo’s Landscaping versus Catalina Express

Bravo’s Landscaping—4-1
Straight Up Builders—2-2-1
Catalina Express—2-3
Glenmore Hotel—1-3-1

Top Batters
Justin Hernandez—.750
Josh Flynn—.667
Bob Kennedy—.650
Eddie Hall—.647
Marco Gallegos—.636
Larry Hernandez—.611
Weston Leonhardi—.600
Isaac Felix—.571
Garrett Amoroso—.556
Michael Rodriguez—.529


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