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Articles by Ken Kurtis, For The Islander

Dr. Jeff Sipsey was the longtime head hyperbaric doctor for our Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber. Based out of County USC (as all the chamber hyperbaric docs are), he first got involved in 1976 and spent close to 40 years watching out for us, and was Medical Director for much of that time. Ironically, he was NOT a diver himself and didn’t quite understand what the allure was for us.  But he was always looking out for us and treating us when needed. Although Jeff retired not too long ago, life can be cruel, and he died not too long after he stopped working.

We’re inching towards $25,000 ... We’re led this time by a pair of longtime Chamber supporters.

The first are the boys and girls at Hollywood Divers who again come through at the Gold level.

They are also sponsoring a Chamber Evening table as well as a boat (the Westerly).

They’re a great example of how this event thrives through the active participation of stores and clubs.

At the Silver ($500) level, we’ve got two examples of corporate matching grants being put to good use.

First of all, we’re two week away from Chamber Day 2017 and this is when the pace really quickens. Which is why what we have to say here is so critically important.

We are experiencing some sporadic issues with our secure server which may lead to us not getting notified about signups or donations that you have made through Rest assured this is simply a notification issue, not a security issue. Your credit card info is still safe and secure.

We’ve got just a shade over three weeks to go and we’ve got some work to do. We’re not in horrible shape, but we’re not in great shape. And there are a lot of factors - the economy, the weather, how much people talk up the event - that are out of our control that shape how well we do.

Catalina’s hyperbaric chamber saves lives but is costly. Every year people on the island come together to raise money, culminating in “Chamber Day.”

We made it past $10,000. WAAAY past and are at $12,010!!! This is thanks to a single donation.

We opened for business on March 1 and we’re making good progress but we’ve got a long way to go and a little over a month to get there. We can only do it with your help. We have received $7,000 in donations so far, with lots of places reserved on boats and evening tables reserved as well. But there is much to accomplish still.
Although the event opened for business earlier this month, your Chamber is open for business 24/7/365.