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December 17, 2017 - 11:51pm

Articles by David Jinkens, For the Islander

David Jinkens is the city manager of Avalon.

A new city designation will allow Avalon more access to grant funding to support desalination on the Island.

The City Council in Avalon continues to pursue funding for improvements to the desalinization facilities operated by Southern California Edison. Applications for State Proposition 1 funds  are  due  September 1  with  grant fund  award  notices  going  out  in December or by January 2018.

It will be one year that I have been back on  the  job  in  Avalon as city manager as of July 15. It is great to be  back  here.  I am  honored  and privileged to work for Mayor Anni Marshall and council members on behalf of the community.  

I am also so pleased with the support and cooperation I have received from members of the community.

This is a follow-up to an earlier report. The United States Bureau of Reclamation has reached out to Southern California Edison, Catalina Island Conversancy, and the City of Avalon to jointly  and collaboratively work on a City and Island-wide water management plan by agreeing to a scope of work that will bring Federal, reg ional and     local    resources together.

On June 21, 2017 Mayor Anni Marshall, Mayor Pro Tempore Oley Olsen, the City Manager, Kris Wilhelm and Paul DeMyer of the Catalina Island Company, Director of Planning Amanda Cook, and the Director of Public Works Bob Greenlaw, met at City Hall to discuss workforce and affordable housing opportunities being explored by the Catalina Island Company and the city Housing Authority.

Desal, reclaimed, and fresh water: What makes the most sense and costs the least cents?

The City of Avalon has the potential with the vast ocean resource  and  existing  desal  to  create  an  abundant supply of fresh water. City officials also examined  and had prepared a report on the use of reclaimed water (“Recycled  Water/Energy  Sustainability Plan Sub-Plan Study,” June 2016, MBI).

There are many fine people who work at SCE and provide electric, gas and water services to Avalon. No one doubts this fact. We understand that operations in Avalon and Catalina Island are directed from Southern California Edison corporate offices on the mainland.

There are a number of outstanding issues that need to be positively addressed in order to ensure that Avalon has a year-round and sustainable fresh water supply. Only SCE corporate officials can provide these answers, and City officials are persevering to get answers for the City Council and community.